Geographic information system

Geographic information system is an organized collection of computer hardware and software that is designed to efficiently create, manipulate and display all kinds of geographic or spatial data. GIS allows complex spatial activities that are otherwise impossible without information technology .

GIS is used to support decision-making that uses data about the territory to plan other activities related to the economy, environment and social welfare.

GIS is a multi purpose tool mostly used for spatial development, infrastructure planning, management, real estate, risk analysis, transportation and logistics ....

2007. GIS of Municipality Kovin

Project of introduction of GIS software in the Municipality of Kovin aims to enhance the capacity of municipalities Kovin to meet European Union standards on the issue of urban solutions. The project will replace analog methods used for spatial planning in Kovin with moder software and hardware alternative.

To achieve this goal it is necessary to increase the level of technological knowlage of municipal officials and the acquisition of appropriate information technology.

The project will enable the target group - employees in the Department for Spatial Planning to use GIS in everyday work. The project will bring innovation in the municipality of information technology and improve the overall quality work in the treatment of urban solutions. Modern methods of spatial development in the long run will bring positive changes in other areas of municipal development, particularly in regard to environmental protection and economic and social development.

The project will bring technological innovation in the municipality of information technology. The overall goal is improved quality of municipal officials serveces in the Municipal Service planning.

Modern spatial planning, as understood in the countries of the EU aims to achieve balanced and sustainable development of the territory. Organizers of spatial development are using techniques and methodologies based on modern information technology that enables them to contribute to economic and social development of less harmful impact on the environment.

2004. IS of Municipality Rakovica - Belgrade

Rakovica information system contains the following spartial and non-spartial data:

• Orthophoto 1:1000 scale maps
• Address system of the municipality - synchronized with video or image of every object in municipality
• Data of business entities
• Cadastrar Data
• Spatial database of utility infrastructure.
• Graphic database of illegally constructed buildings with graphic attachments for each object
 • Spatial database of road infrastructure of the municipality (GIS synchronized data and video)
• A digital model of the municipality: digital terrain model with a represented height of every object.
• Web service defined by the municipal information system

Project objectives :

- A unique data base of data
- A unique database of spatial data
- Standardization of data at district level
- Creatio a standard thematic maps
- Establishing a system of analysis of spatial data and non spartial data
- Faster resolution of ongoing activities (eg, Urban Planning)
- Faster and better services for citizens.
- The possibility of connecting to the wider (city) level

2002. IS Info Renta - Stara Pazova



• Elements and project factors
• Software development
• Major characteristics of the project
• System performance
• Account results
• Further development of the project
• Application screen overview


• Founded on the Law on construction areas
• Rent is payed for the use of the city construction areas
• One of the principal municipal activities is the management of the construction areas
• Covering of the commom communal expenses and a just determination of the rent
• Decision on the accounts method


• Data model (users, objects, lots)
• Integration of data presentation in graphic and alfanumeric form
• Easy data maintenance (introduction of new and alteration the existing data)
• Software development in the spirit of contemporary technological solutions (multilevel architecture)
• Three data bases (users, objects, lots)
• Account data input
• Calculation of points for each user
• Printing of the decision on financial charges
• Financial tracking through excerpts and financial card of each user
• Planning and analysis


• Easy to use for viewing, altering and introducing new data (in graphic and alfanumeric form)
• Opened toward other information systems in the municipality and communal and public enterprises
• Faster settling of accounts and revision (more efficient working environment)


• Possibility to make large number of changes and to introduce new users into the system
• Fast account settling and easy for use
• Fast processing of data for printing
• Easy change of the printing form
• Multiplatform work


• 30.000 users have been covered
• 17.000 objects have been covered
• 7.000 lots have been covered
• Financial loan above 20.000.000 dinars
• Financial tracking per each user
• Possibility of sending warnings and interest calculations


• Possibility of connecting with other information systems in the municipality and the communal enterprises
• Possibility for the users to obtain information or to pay via internet or mobile telephone
• Possibility of a unified billing
• Unified counter and process tracking

2001. Telecom

for the planning of the mobile telephone units
for Telecom Serbia Ltd.

Project task:

• Digital terrain model (DTM)
• Digital orthophoto
• Raster data base on building heights
• Raster data base for “Clutters”
(“Land Use Map” – LUM, “Clutter maps”)
• Vector data base of waterways and
transportation network – (“Linear features” - LIN)

Areas covered by the project:

• City of Belgrade
- Central area of Belgrade ~ 220 km2
- Broad area of Belgrade ~ 1200 km2
• City of Novi Sad ~ 100 km2
• City of Niš ~ 60 km2

Required output accuracy of data is:

• Central area of Belgrade
- Resolution: 5x5 m
- Altimetry accuracy (z) 2.5 m
- Planimetric accuracy (x,y) 2.5m
- Sources not older than 4th quarter of year 2000.

• Šire područje Beograda, grad Novi Sad, grad Niš
- Resolution:: 20x20 m
- Altimetry accuracy (z) 10 m
- Planimetric accuracy (x,y) 20 m
- Sources not older than 4th quarter of year 2000.

"Clutter maps"

Morphological maps – "Clutter maps" – "Lend Use Map"

• Obtained through processing collected data:
- Vectorization: plans in scale 1:5000,
satelite images, digital orthophoto

• Raster data format

• Accuracy:
- Belgrade (central/broad area)
Resolution: 5 / 20m; Accuracy: 0,7 / 2,5m

- Niš-Novi Sad
Resolution: 10m; Accuracy: 2m


Waterways and transportation network – “Linear features”

• Obtained through processing collected data
from charts and plans in 1:5000 scale and smaller

• Vector data format

• Accuracy:
- Planimetric accuracy:
Resolution: 20m; Accuracy: 1,4

EGM Projects

Orthophoto Plans

2006. DOF plans of Serbia
2005. Ortophoto Aranđelovac
Ortophoto Rakovica
Ortophoto Bajina Bašta
Ortophoto Užice i Sevojno
2003. Ortophoto Vršac
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CORINE Land Cover

2008. CORINE - Kosovo
2007. CORINE - Serbia,
               without Kosovo
CORINE Land Cover project
                for Serbia and Montenegro
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2008. LiDAR - Laser altimetriy
               helicoter survey of corridor
               for future highway
               Horgoš - Požega
2003. LiDAR project - Survey of
                highways, roads and
                powerlines using laser
                attached on helicoper.
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Geographic information system

2007. GIS of Muncipiality Kovin
2004. IS of Muncipiality Rakovica
2002. IS Info Renta - Stara Pazova
2001. Telecom
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Real Estate Cadastre

2009. Establichment of Cadastre -
               Municipality Zvezdara
Establichment of Cadastre -
               Municipality Palilula
Establichment of Cadastre -
                Municipality Grocka
Establichment of Cadastre -
               Municipality Lazarevac
2006. Establichment of Cadastre -
               Municipality Vračar
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2008. Rakovica 4D
2003. EGM Map Print
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2005. Reference World Atlas
Monasteries of Serbia
2001. Road - map of Europe
2001. Road - map of
               Serbia and Montenegro         More information...


2008. Terrestrial Survey
                Feketić-Novi Sad
Reconstruction of
               Nemanjina Street - Belgrade
2005. Digital Cadastral Plan
                Resnik - Belgrade
2003. Real Estate Survey 
               - Bačka Palanka
2003. Renewal Surveying - Vršac
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