As a member of international consortium, Evrogeomatika Ltd is a part of i-SCOPE- innovative project with a goal of developing sophisticated services in order to improve standard of living and inclusion of diversely-able citizens. Evrogeomatika has been recognized by other members of the consortium as a leader in the field of GIS in Serbia, and involvement in development of such modern GIS service as i-SCOPE is a recommendation and approval of the quality of services that Evrogeomatika provides.

i-SCOPE project, finansed through ICT-PSP (ICT Policy Support Programme) of the EU is focused on development of “smart city” services, and it is based on precise 3D Urban Information Models of the cities.

Open platform for 3 services that will be applied in a pilot- cities will be developed through the project. 3D models will be used for:

                  Optimization of energy consumption through a service for accurate assessment of solar energy potential of roofs.

                  Real-time environmental noise mapping service leveraging citizen’s involvement will who act as distributed sensors
city-wide measuring noise levels through their mobile phones.

         Improved inclusion and personal mobility of aging and diversely able citizens through an accurate city-level differently-abled-friendly personal routing service which accounts for detailed urban layout, features and barriers.

Twenty-two partners from 11 European countries are working together on the development of the i-SCOPE, universities, research centers, private companies and local governments among them. One of the pilot- municipalities, next to such cities as Rome, Vienna, Zagreb, Newcastle, is the Municipality of Inđija, and it will take part in the testing of the service developed by Evrogeomatika and other technical partners.

In Inđija, an electronic service will be set-up that will enable users (citizens, companies, public institutions…) to get the information about the solar potential of buildings (potential annual amount of generated energy, initial cost of the installation assessment, estimated
ROI time…) through an interactive web map.

More information of the project can be found on its official website www.iscopeproject.net.



18. 05. 2012.

As a part of scientific- technical conference „Environment and energy efficiency”, held in the conference room of the Association of Engineers of Belgrade, the work titled “Development of the “smart city” services as a support for the energy-efficient society” has been presented. Subject of the work was the i-SCOPE project, its effect on the Municipality of Indjija and its typical use- cases. The work has been published in the proceedings of the conference.

26. 03. 2012.

A lecture has been held for students of Geodesy and Geoinformatics module at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Belgrade University. The subject of the lecture was the i-SCOPE project, methodology of creating 3D UIMs out of DSM, r.sun function of the GRASS GIS software and the significance of this and other “smart city” services. The lecture has been held as a part of “Information technologies in cartography” course. You may see the photos from the lecture here.