Map is a geometrical reliable two-dimensional view of three-dimensional space representing help in evaluation of spatial data. Spatial data are collected by measuring and can be stored in a database, from which it can be easily used for different purposes. Current aspirations in this field are moving away from analog methods of making maps to creation of more dynamic, interactive maps that can be digitally manipulated.

Cartography, which is developed by Evrogeomatika combines art and science, including the use of symbols, as representatives of certain geographic phenomena and the ability to perceive the world in abstract proportionately reduced form.

2005. Reference World Atlas

- Classic edition of British eminent editor "Dorling Kindersley" containing more then 450 detailed maps of every region of the world, with over 800 photographs, diagrams 3D models and sorted texts. Current fund of 30 000 names of places with this edition was elevated to astounding 70 000 which in itself presents a pioneer undertaking.

- A detailed map of Serbia and Montenegro with thematic charts, photographs and sorted text was elaborated for this edition.

2002. Monasteries of Serbia

- Monasteries of Serbia is a tour map elaborated in two languages (Serbian and English) in scale 1:600 000.

- Map contains positions and photographs of 50 well-known
monasteries in Serbia.

- Map dimension is 68 X 48 cm.

2001. Road Maps of Serbia and Montenegro

- Cultural and historical guide with road maps in scale 1:550 000.

- Maps are in full colour on 116 pages, dimensioned 24 X 13,5 cm.

- Road Maps were awarded for its design on the International Book Fair 2001. in Belegrade.

2001. Road Map of Europe

- Map in scale 1:3 440 000.
- Map is in full colour, its dimension 68 X 48 cm,
folded to 24 X 13,5 cm.

2001. Road Map of Serbia and Montenegro

- Map in scale 1:590 000.

- Aside from its basic contect the back side contains a  digital terrain models of Serbia and Montenegro with City plans of Belgrade, Novi Sad and Podgorica.

- Map is in full colour, its dimension 68 X 48 cm,
folded to 24 X 13,5 cm.

2001. Road Map of Greece and F.Y.R. Macedonia

- Map in scale 1:1 000 000.

- Aside from its basic contect the back side contains a City plans of Athens, Thessaloniki, Skopje.

- Map is in full colour, its dimension 68 X 48 cm,
folded to 24 X 13,5 cm.

EGM Projects

Orthophoto Plans

2006. DOF plans of Serbia
2005. Ortophoto Aranđelovac
Ortophoto Rakovica
Ortophoto Bajina Bašta
Ortophoto Užice i Sevojno
2003. Ortophoto Vršac
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CORINE Land Cover

2008. CORINE - Kosovo
2007. CORINE - Serbia,
               without Kosovo
CORINE Land Cover project
                for Serbia and Montenegro
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2008. LiDAR - Laser altimetriy
               helicoter survey of corridor
               for future highway
               Horgoš - Požega
2003. LiDAR project - Survey of
                highways, roads and
                powerlines using laser
                attached on helicoper.
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Geographic information system

2007. GIS of Muncipiality Kovin
2004. IS of Muncipiality Rakovica
2002. IS Info Renta - Stara Pazova
2001. Telecom
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Real Estate Cadastre

2009. Establichment of Cadastre -
               Municipality Zvezdara
Establichment of Cadastre -
               Municipality Palilula
Establichment of Cadastre -
                Municipality Grocka
Establichment of Cadastre -
               Municipality Lazarevac
2006. Establichment of Cadastre -
               Municipality Vračar
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2008. Rakovica 4D
2003. EGM Map Print
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2005. Reference World Atlas
Monasteries of Serbia
2001. Road - map of Europe
2001. Road - map of
               Serbia and Montenegro         More information...


2008. Terrestrial Survey
                Feketić-Novi Sad
Reconstruction of
               Nemanjina Street - Belgrade
2005. Digital Cadastral Plan
                Resnik - Belgrade
2003. Real Estate Survey 
               - Bačka Palanka
2003. Renewal Surveying - Vršac
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