GIS - Municipality Kovin

Project of introduction of GIS software in the Municipality of Kovin aims to enhance the capacity of municipalities Kovin to meet European Union standards on the issue of urban solutions. The project will replace analog methods used for spatial planning in Kovin with moder software and hardware alternative.

To achieve this goal it is necessary to increase the level of technological knowlage of municipal officials and the acquisition of appropriate information technology.

The project will enable the target group - employees in the Department for Spatial Planning to use GIS in everyday work. The project will bring innovation in the municipality of information technology and improve the overall quality work in the treatment of urban solutions. Modern methods of spatial development in the long run will bring positive changes in other areas of municipal development, particularly in regard to environmental protection and economic and social development.

The project will bring technological innovation in the municipality of information technology. The overall goal is improved quality of municipal officials serveces in the Municipal Service planning.

Modern spatial planning, as understood in the countries of the EU aims to achieve balanced and sustainable development of the territory. Organizers of spatial development are using techniques and methodologies based on modern information technology that enables them to contribute to economic and social development of less harmful impact on the environment.


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Another international project Evrogeomatika Ltd is working on is eEnviPer. Together with partners from Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Italy and Belgium, Evrogeomatika is developing an e-government system for issuing of environmental permits.
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As a member of international consortium, Evrogeomatika Ltd is a part of i-SCOPE- innovative project with a goal of developing sophisticated services in order to improve standard of living and inclusion of diversely-able citizens.
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GIS- Municipality Kovin

GIS implementation project in  Municipality Kovin. Project will replace analog workflow of municipality administrative service.
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Restitution - Dijon France

Development of Topografic and Digital Orthophoto Plans based on aerial images. Object: part of the highway A31 north of Dijon in France .
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Establishment of Cadastre for Municipalities  Zvezdara and Palilula

Establishment of Cadastre for Real Estate for Cadastre Municipality Zvezdara and Palilula for Republic Authority of Geodesy cosists of primary input of analog data, public presentation and correction of data and implemetation of data into the goverment database.
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