EvroGeomatika, can provide nomber of geodetic services.  Real Estate Survey of buildings and parcels, generation of topographic maps, surveys of powerlines and infrastructure.

2008. Terestrial Survey "Feketić - Novi Sad"

Geodetic Surveys:

- Terestirial Survey of existing land surface. 

Contractor: "Sever - Jug Autoput".

Purpase: Project of future highway "Horgoš - Požega".

2005. Reconstruction of Nemanjina street-Belgrade

Project "Reconstruction of the Nemanjna street" in Belgrade:

- Survey present situation of street
- Setting out Tramway Track, Power Infrastructure and Street Axis
- Monitoring state of the works

2005. Digital Cadastral Plan Resnik - Belgrade

Execution of a Digital Cadastral Plans for Municipality Resnik (Belgrade).

2003. Real Estate Survey - Bačka Palanka

Master projects for the execution of the Real Estate Cadastre for Municipality Bačka Palanka total area of 3421 ha and renewal surveying for:

- Cadastral Municipality Bačka Palanka – city, total area 1593 ha
- Cadastral Municipality Despotovo, total area 167 ha
- Cadastral Municipality Nova Gajdobra, total area  150 ha
- Cadastral Municipality Neštin, total area 62 ha
- Cadastral Municipality Vizić, total area 62 ha

2003. Renewal Surveying - Vršac

The renewal Surveying of the location “Gudurički put” - Cadastral Municipality Vršac, total area 70 ha

EGM Projects

Orthophoto Plans

2006. DOF plans of Serbia
2005. Ortophoto Aranđelovac
Ortophoto Rakovica
Ortophoto Bajina Bašta
Ortophoto Užice i Sevojno
2003. Ortophoto Vršac
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CORINE Land Cover

2008. CORINE - Kosovo
2007. CORINE - Serbia,
               without Kosovo
CORINE Land Cover project
                for Serbia and Montenegro
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2008. LiDAR - Laser altimetriy
               helicoter survey of corridor
               for future highway
               Horgoš - Požega
2003. LiDAR project - Survey of
                highways, roads and
                powerlines using laser
                attached on helicoper.
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Geographic information system

2007. GIS of Muncipiality Kovin
2004. IS of Muncipiality Rakovica
2002. IS Info Renta - Stara Pazova
2001. Telecom
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Real Estate Cadastre

2009. Establichment of Cadastre -
               Municipality Zvezdara
Establichment of Cadastre -
               Municipality Palilula
Establichment of Cadastre -
                Municipality Grocka
Establichment of Cadastre -
               Municipality Lazarevac
2006. Establichment of Cadastre -
               Municipality Vračar
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2008. Rakovica 4D
2003. EGM Map Print
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2005. Reference World Atlas
Monasteries of Serbia
2001. Road - map of Europe
2001. Road - map of
               Serbia and Montenegro         More information...


2008. Terrestrial Survey
                Feketić-Novi Sad
Reconstruction of
               Nemanjina Street - Belgrade
2005. Digital Cadastral Plan
                Resnik - Belgrade
2003. Real Estate Survey 
               - Bačka Palanka
2003. Renewal Surveying - Vršac
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