EvroGeomatika Ltd. was founded in December 2001.

EvroGeomatika Ltd. is a private service company that offers and executes complete enginering solutionsin the field of geodesy, survey, cartography,  photogremmetry and GIS. We can provide wide range of technical solutions and integration of different spatial data, and development of GIS software using methods of digital photometric GPS technology, graphical database processing, and laser altimetry.

Evrogeomatika offers its services to wide range of clients with very deferent requirements. We are able to provide technical solutions and integration of deferent spatial data, their analysis and mapping in order to form and develop spatial information systems using methods of remote sensing, digital photogrammetry, laser altimetry, GPS technology, graphic data base processing etc.

New technologies, such as laser altimetric surveying of corridors from helicopters, and stabile relations with partners qualify us to participate anspiciosly in the task of new survey and inventory endeavours of the state territory of Republic of Serbia.

President of EvroGeomatika Ltd.,
Ivan Nestorov, Ph. D. Sci., Geod. Eng.



Elementary Information

EvroGeomatika Ltd
Vojislava Ilića 141
11000 Belgrade
Phone/Fax ++381 11 288-03-63
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List of References

Telecom Serbia
Delft University of Technology
Republic Geodetic Authority
Fugro-Inpark B.V.-Nederland
European Environment Agency
Universitat Antonoma de Barcelona
Techniques TOPO-France
European Agency for Reconstruction
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Company Location 

Evrogeomatika is located in Municipality of Zvezdara, Belgrade,
Vojislava Ilića 141,  in the office building of "IPM" , 300m from the crossing of Ustanička and Vojislava Ilića street.
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